About Asal PLC

ASAL private limited company is established in 1982/EFY/, engaged in importing, distributing and constructing business of aluminum and glass products .The Company has built its own three story office and work shop in 3,000 m² leased land in kality area, west of Addis Ababa. The work shop building covers 410m². It is very modern and equipped with Italian made machineries. It has also a will organized stores building to retain sufficient stock of materials for its operation.

During its life of operation the company has made Remarkable achievements towards its goal, to sustain this achievement the company reorganized itself in to three major departments.

  1. Resource Management Service
  •  Human Resources Service
  • Finance Service
  • Material Management Service
  1. Manufacturing and Installation Operation
  • Manufacturing Operation
  • Installation Operation

3. Engineering Service

  • Design Engineering 
  •  Project Management Service
  •  Quality Control Service
  1. Marketing and Sales Service

In addition to this the company is working hard to branch out its business to selected regional cities .strength its business ties with foreign suppliers and potential local customers as well are major focus areas of the company.


Financial information

The company is financed by equity capital and loan banks. With regard to Company ‘S financial position, the last three years performance reviles its solid strength and profitability. About all, as a policy the company always retains Aluminum stock of material not less than birr 80 million. This enables execute its operation smoothly and built customers confidence.


The company currently employed about 80 employed of which 55 of them are well trained and experienced technical staffs and the rest are support staffs. It is also employee’s temporary staffs depending on the volume of the work the company may have.
Generally we can conclude that ASAL’s achievement is a result of quality work and satisfaction of our customers. This is fact, because most of the project where we worked on was given directly to us without any bidding process acknowledging the company’s performance. Therefore, to sustain the company is working hard, access its current internal and external business environment as well. The assessment result indicates that the company is doing well so far, and has promising future in the years to come. Therefore we are confident that ASAL will successful maintain its market share in the sector.


ASAL private limited company is established in 1982(EFY), engaged in importing, distributing and constructing business of Aluminum and Glass products.

Contact Information

+251-11-439 58 10,
+251-11-439 58 12,
+251-91-186 88 91

Fax: +251-11-439 58 14



P.O.Box: 11125,
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia